Looking For Things To Do in Benidorm in The Rain?

Things to do in Benidorm in the rain.

Benidorm is known for its warm climate, cheap drinks and sunny golden beaches, thousands of visitors come every year to soak up the sun in one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. However, from time to time it does rain, and often fairly heavy. So what are the things to do in Benidorm in the rain?

You don’t want to get wet when walking around from place to place so before we get going. The first thing you should do is get wrapped up, grab yourself an umbrella or a poncho which are available from one of the many Chinese shops. This way, you’ll stay dry when outside, & even though it’s raining, there’s still plenty of things to do and places to visit.

Looking for things to do in Benidorm in the rain, let me help you out.

ozone bowling centre benidormOzone Bowling & arcade

Address: Av. del Mediterráneo, 22. Phone: 965854187

Opening hours: 7 Days a week, 10:00am – 02:00am

Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 15:00. Price: 4.10€

Monday to Friday from 15:00 – 02:00. Price: 4.40€

Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 – 15:00. Price: 4.40€

Saturday and Sunday from 15:00 – 02:00. Price: 4.70€

Bowling Shoes – Per 1 round of bowling. Price: 1.00€


benidorm shows



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bar at ozone bowling benidorm

Ozone bowling Benidorm boasts 10 large lanes to play on, disco bowling & rubber lane deflectors for the beginner.

You can also find ozone bowling in..Torrevieja, Murcia and there’s also one in La Bolera.

Ten-pin bowling is a fun game that everyone can play, whether it be friends, family, larger groups or couples – everyone loves the game.

Many people ignore bowling due to the fact that they don’t know the rules, so if you don’t know how to play here’s a quick guide so you can join in too!. The main goal here is to knock down all ten pins, preferably with one thro of the ball.

benidorm bowling center ozone bowlingIf the player wins a strike, the bowler is awarded the score of 10 for knocking down all ten pins in one throw, plus he gets to add the total of his next two rolls to that frame score. In the case of a spare, the player gets the 10 points, and also the total number of pins knocked down on the next roll only.

A spare is a term used in bowling to indicate that all of the pins have been knocked down during the second ball of a frame when not all the pins were knocked down in the first frame of that player’s two turns.

The centre pin is awarded the most points if knocked down, and those on either side, are awarded three points each. The outermost pins give two each when knocked down, giving a total of 15 in each frame of ten pin bowling. Within each frame of bowling, each player gets three attempts to knock all of the pins over.

So know you are familiar with the rules of ten pin bowling in Benidorm, get your self down and have a go at Ozone Ten Pin Bowling on The Mediterraneo. You’ll also find a large choice of arcade machines and a cafe to enjoy hot and cold drinks & light snacks.



Indoor market.

The indoor market can be found at  Located in the Rincon area of Benidorm, you’ll find the Benidorm Indoor Market at the end of Calle Girona right next to the Masymas supermarket, and across the street from the Hotel Nereo.

Opening times 8 am till 6 pm Monday till Friday.

8am till 6pm Saturday & closed on Sundays. 

There are three wheelchair entry points for disabled visitors and mobility scooters. The indoor market is a must-visit and makes a brilliant day out where you can find all sorts off presents, gifts and souvenirs to take home for friends and family.

benidorm indoor marketThe indoor market is home to many stalls and shops including men and women’s hair salons, cafes where you can enjoy a full English washed down with a nice mug or tea, coffee or even a beer.

One of the most popular places in Benidorm for mobile phone related services is Andys phone stall in the indoor market. Established for many years, this hidden gem can save you money and offer great advice for anything connected to mobile-phones. In addition to new mobile phone sales, repairs, unlocking & servicing, you’ll find a great selection of standard & glitter phone covers, SIM cards, headphones, chargers, screen protectors & much more. So, during your holiday here in Benidorm, if you need any information about mobile phones or calling home – you can get help and answers from Andys phone store. 

Benidorm is great for picking up some bargains, and a lot of them are inside the market! From leather hand bags to new shoes, hair accessories to pet shops, yes – get your furry friend a nice treat, or a new lead or even a rain-coat. Got the kids with you? Great, the indoor market has stalls for everyone, including plenty of stalls selling toys, computer games, dolls, paddling pools & more.



visit benidorm indoor marketEnjoy your meats. Located in the third isle of the market is a butcher selling fresh meat cut to order, sausages, steak, chicken, pork gammon & burgers. Although it may be raining on the outside, the rain in Benidorm doesn’t usually last too long. When it does rain, its a familiar sighting to see soaking floors one minute, and completely dry the next, so be sure to pick up your meats for your Benidorm barbeque!

For something a little lighter to enjoy with a coffee, there are several pastry shops selling sausage rolls, cornish pasties and a nice selection of piping hot homemade pies. For the sweet-tooth, there are a handful of stalls offering sweets, chocolates. ice cream and other tempting treats.

Another well-known place in the indoor market in Shelia’s money exchange. With many places throughout Benidorm with slightly higher exchange rates, Shelia’s money exchange is popular amongst Benidorm visitors for it good service and genuine rates.

offers and bargins at benidorm indoor marketOnce you have changed some money, treat yourself to some new jewellery, beaded bangles, some new perfume or even a new vape pen at the indoor market in Benidorm.

Although you are looking for things to do in Benidorm in the rain, the temperature often stays the same as if the sun were out, nice and warm. No need to get too hot in the market, there are a couple of ways to cool down. Firstly, enjoy the markets air conditioning system that provides a nice cool atmosphere whilst you shop. The second is to drink a nice cool beer from the market bars, and the third is to dip your feet in with the fish. 

Dipping my feet in the fish? – let me explain.

There is a place within the market where you can have fish foot pedicure, fish pedicure has become a very popular way of caring for your feet. The fish care called Garra Rufa fish,  After removing your shoes and socks, your feet should be rinsed thoroughly and inspected for any cuts or infections before you immerse them in the water of the fish tank.

fish pedicure in benidorm indoor marketThe Garra rufa are attracted by the vibration of your feet entering the water, and will immediately congregate around any patches of hard or dead skin to feed. The Garra Rufa fish have no teeth, so their nibbles should feel ticklish rather than painful, although the sensation can vary from person to person. Most fish pedicures last for between 15 and 30 minutes and may be followed by a traditional pedicure.

There can be a lot of walking in Benidorm, so make sure one of your walks when in Benidorm is to the indoor market in the Rincon and enjoy a day out for the whole family.


benidorm shows


cinema in benidormCinema.

There are plenty of cinemas on the Costa Blanca and the surrounding area that show English language films with Spanish subtitles, and also vice versa.

The following cinemas occasionally show English language films, the films that are showing at the cinema can clearly be seen on the boards outside, and many of the staff at the cinema speak English.

In case you were looking for English films with Spanish subtitles, keep an eye out for the words “película en inglés con subtítulos en español”

Around 4 euro admission, a few euro for some popcorn and a drink and your all set to enjoy some of the latest films while the weathers wet outside.


Want to See Live Shows in Benidorm, Check out our Complete Daily Show Planner Here


Cine Colci. At: Avda Los Almerndros 35, 03500 BenidormTel: 965 865 060

Cine Colci Rincon

At: Avda Zamora s/n, 035000 Benidorm

Tel: 965 853 859.

benidorm casinoCasino

When looking for things to do in Benidorm in the rain, you could try your luck at the casino and end up winning a load off money for your next holiday or more holiday spends. You can find the Casino Mediterraneo Benidorm on the Av del Mediterraneo 55. Phone: 902 33 21 41

The greatest gaming activity is concentrated on the ground floor, with gaming machines, American Roulette, Black Jack Tables, Mini Point and Bank, Poker and Texas Hold’Em. It also highlights its “Zona Juegging” with sports betting terminals and large television screens.

A wide range of entertainment that adds, on its ground floor, a “Tournament Room”, a shared space with magnificent exhibitions to the delight of the many visitors come daily. Access to the building is favoured by the large parking lot built under it, with 3 floors, with capacity for 500 vehicles.

Benidorm is all about having a laugh and trying new experiences and if you’ve never been to a casino then that’s great – but if you’ve never been to a casino in Benidorm, then even better! It’s the perfect excuse to glam up and feel like Bond girls and you never know, you may even strike it lucky.

Imagine how amazing that would be? Maybe keep it on the low if you do, as you know the next round of cocktails will be yours! So if your planning a stag party or hen party something different then this could be it. There are private poker rooms. slot machines, table games, and bars even restaurants, just remember your passport for entry. 

Something else you might like is bingo.


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benidorm bingo plazaBingo

Bingo bongo plaza is located next to McDonalds in the Old Town which is on the Plaza Hispanidad, otherwise referred to as The Triangle, where the huge rubber tree is.

Open every day from 2pm until 2am – and on Friday and Saturday it stays open until 3am. Just like a casino you have to be over the age of 18 to enter and show photographic ID, it is best to take your passport. The number is recorded and you are then allowed to enter, which is free. Each game lasts about 5 minutes – there are prizes for 1 complete line (5 numbers) then onto a full house.

The games are quite fast-paced with between 10 and 12 games per hour, so eyes down and fingers crossed! The numbers are called in Spanish and if you are not familiar with the language just simply watch the screen., many find it easier to watch the screen in the middle of the table.

bingo plaza in benidormWhen you have a complete line you shout “linea” or “line” and hold up your hand. Someone will come to you and leave a marker on your table then the game continues until the full house is called, prize money is handed out in cash at the end of the game. If there is more than one winner then the prize pot is shared, which is the same as in the UK.

Close to the bingo hall is a gambling arcade with various slot machines and electronic bingo machines rooms. There’s also a  betting shop and screens on the walls showing horse racing, greyhound racing and football where you can place bets on potential winners.

Again, if you do plan on going to Bingo, remember to take ID – otherwise, you won´t be allowed in.

So after a game of bingo, you might want to do a little more shopping. If so, then look no further than the La Marina Mall, in Finestrat. A great place to shop in Benidorm just a few minutes drive from the town centre.



la marina shopping center in benidormLa Marina

La Marina in Finestrat is the largest shopping centre in the Benidorm area of Spain and is popular with both Spaniards and visitors. 

Known as ‘Centro Comercial La Marina’ in Spanish, La Marina shopping complex has more than 100 stores and restaurants, selling everything from clothing, shoes and jewellery to household products, children’s’ toys to mobile phones. In Benidorm and love shopping? then a trip to La Marina is an absolute necessity. 

The ‘Centro Comercial La Marina’ is one of the easiest shopping centres to find and is perfect when looking for things to do in Benidorm in the rain. Located at Avda. País Valencià, 2, Finestrat, where you can catch the number 12 bus if you’re staying in Benidorm or Finestrat that will take you right to La Marina complex and back again.

benidorm shopping at la marinaThere is a Wi-Fi zone, lost property room and information bureau, wheelchair access and mobile phone chargers are available, there is even a car starting service for shoppers who have forgotten to switch their lights off and have a flat battery. 

Mon-Magic delights the young ones with bouncy castles, trampolines, motorbike and go-kart tracks, a merry-go-round, assault course and safari train Adults can get in on the entertainment too and enjoy a movie in Cines IMF9. The cinema complex boasts the latest sound system, 9 movie screens and a VIP room. There is also the Bowling Paradise 10 pin bowling alley. 

La Marina Shopping Centre is open daily with the Carrefour supermarket open 24 hours. Standard hours for the shopping levels are 10:00 – 22:00 and the entertainment and restaurant-level is open from 13:00 – 01:00 although during peak summer months some restaurants stay open as late as 03:00.how about something completely different? Get yourself to The Escape Room Calle Gerona 48, 03503 Benidorm. … Are you up for the Challenge of the Escape Room?


benidorm shows


lockdown escape roon in benidormBenidorm Escape Room

Benidorm Escape Room lockdown, a bit like the Crystal Maze but with a twist.

Benidorm Escape Room splits your group into three different themed rooms – the Zombie Room, the Cold War Room and the Orphanage – before locking each door and giving you one hour to find a way out.

Each player gets the chance to try two of the differently three themed rooms in the Escape Room.

There’s is a time limit of one hour per challenge (plus beer stops) and each of the rooms has different games and tasks to help you find your way out of the lockdown.

benidorm escape room

You can play the Escape Room Benidorm and bring upto 16 people at any one time. 

Rules permit 6 in the Zombie Room and up to 5 in each of the other two. 

The Zombie Room sees the group split into two and reunited halfway through as well as instructors to help you get started.

The package includes two beers per person to reward or commiserate you after each challenge ends.

Don’t want to take part in the show? then how about a trip to the circus,

Benidorms only circus located behind the famous Benidorm Palace.

Things to do in Benidorm in the rain cont…

benidorm circusCircus

Get ready for an enchanting evening of mind-bending magic, hilarious clowns and incredible acrobats, all under the famous Big Top roof of Benidorm Circus!

Be dazzled by the colourful costumes and marvel at the talent, creativity and flexibility of the performers during this action-packed show that is sure to be a hit with the whole family. At Benidorm Circus, the focus is entirely on the incredible feats of body and mind that the professional highly trained performers are able to accomplish.

Gone are the outdated days when captured animals were forced to parade for the audience and a refreshing wave of new ideas has been welcomed with open arms.

circus in benidorm, alicanteThe Benidorm Circus was Inspired by the masters of the Cirque du Soleil and the brilliant performers of the Orient. come and be be dazzled by trapeze artists, acrobats, jugglers, contortionists, magicians and much, much more.

The well established Benidorm circus which is open all year round is located just behind the famous “Benidorm Palace” and has all the comforts in order to spend a splendid afternoon with all your family and friends. The traditional circus that everyone loves, only without the animals. 

The Circus has removed the animals and have added the new circus styles which were introduced by Cirque du Soleil and the brilliant filmmakers of the Orient. Every one of the artists come from the best and most modern circuses around the globe.

The facilities have all the services of the hall, bar, air conditioning, toilets and other attractions so that nothing is missing in your visit to Benidorm Circus, all performances start at 6.00pm Saturdays. Box office prices are adults 15 euros children 8 euros.


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hop on hop off benidorm sightseeing busHop on Hop off Bus

Benidorm hop on hop off bus tour. Calle Gerona, 45, 03503 Benidorm, 

Check out Benidorm from the comfort and ease of a bus plus hop-on or hop-off at your leisure to visit the sights of the location along with this all-day pass ticket.

Visit two of Benidorm’s best beaches, Poniente and then Levante, then wander from the roadways of the Old Town Area. Discover the sights around Benidorm at your very own pace and enjoy the freedom of this hop-on hop-off 24-hour bus pass. 

Travel in a unique, traditional-style bus as you drive around the metropolis and pay attention to charismatic commentary in 8 languages from around the world.

hop on hop off bus in benidormOn the trip, you can hop-off at your leisure and take a stroll alongside the shore, spend some time bathing in the sun, or cool off with a refreshing dip in the sea.

If it’s wet or cold outside, enjoy the sights of Benidorm in a heated, dry environment. 

The bus furthermore stops in the Older Town district, packed with charm and Spanish ambience, the perfect destination to look for a local cafe for lunch. 

Typically the full tour lasts approximately 1 hour and your own ticket is valid for one day, enabling you a good amount of time to visit all the sights and sounds associated with the city.

benidorm spa and massage daysSpar/Massage Days

Should the idea of going to a spa makes you nervous or shy, then you are not alone. People often have their first spa experience when they receive a gift card to a day spa centre. Many people don’t even use it because they’re anxious about what will happen and the finer points of spa etiquette throughout the day.

But you can relax, only the part of your body that is being worked on is exposed, you will be covered with a sheet and blanket or sometimes a large towel. Don’t want to strip? Then you can always get a facial or a spa manicure and also keep your clothes on for certain types of treatments such as reflexology.

And you don’t have to worry too much about knowing what to do and what rooms to visit, the centre has fully trained staff to assist and guide you throughout the day.

spa and massage benidormCome in out of the rain and try the centre’s special equipment such as hydrotherapy tubs, whirlpool tubs, steam rooms, sauna, steam cabinets, Vichy shower that result in a completely relaxing day out in Benidorm.

You’ll find a great spa menu that explains all of the treatments, together with staff that can answer any questions in detail at the Spa and Massage centre in Benidorm. The basic spa treatments available are massage, facial, body treatment, manicure, and pedicure.

A massage will help you relax and get rid of muscle tension with a Swedish massage being a good place for beginners. Enjoy a facial massage which is a deep cleansing of your face and forehead, and a body treatment exfoliates and softens the skin on your body. Benidorm Spa also offers manicures, pedicures, eyebrow shaping & much more.



Benicaldea Spa Wellness benidormBenicaldea Thai Massage & Spa Benidorm.

C/ Gerona 39 – 41. 03502 Benidorm, Alicante

Benicaldea Spa Wellness in Benidorm is a fabulous relaxing spa with massage.

Experience the latest water body jets which target all areas of the body. Immerse yourself in heated pools, jacuzzi, steam room, saunas, ice room and much more, total pampering all for 15 Euro each for 2 hours.

The Thai massage at the centre lasts around an hour and costs 45 euro.

If you are looking for things to do in the rain in Benidorm, then a Thai Spa day could be the perfect fit.


benidorm shows


Mountain Retreat Spar Day in benidormMountain Retreat Spar Day.

Casa Cristina 0209, Buzon Tappiada Marraix Finestrat, 03509

Mountain Retreat Beauty and Health Spa, located in the beautiful idyllic setting, panoramic mountain and sea views with full private beauty appointment times available.

Weather permitting backyard treatments with the use of exclusive pool and jacuzzi normally indoor treatment rooms accessible.

Individuals treatments, 3 hours Beauty Day special which include two treatments with tapas on arrival or enjoy the fantastic full Beauty Day.

Totally private settings in order for you and your gathering to enjoy, groups from 1 to something like 20 people welcome.

Come and saturate up the atmosphere through being pampered by the friendly experienced team of therapy staff.

mountain retreat spa and massage day benidorm

Enjoy our fantastic two-course lunch and beverages throughout the day with pictures snapped during your visit for your own individual memories.

Local transport is offered to and from the centre.

There is a mobile massage service available for individuals or group bookings.. Yes, you can have a pamper gathering inside the comfort of your own home, or even in your garden.

A full day at the centre costs 85 Euros, with a 3 hour special for just 70 Euros or a Spa Bonus for 30 Euro.

Mountain Retreat in Benidorm is open 10. 00.. 18. 00 every day of the week.

Thai spa benidormThe Thai Spa Benidorm

Avenida del Periodista y Escritor Emilio Romero Local 7, 03503 Benidorm, Since 2008. 

The new centre at Benidorm Levante Beach is known to be the most beautiful Thai Massage Center in the heart of Benidorm. A stunning boutique THAI SPA which offers authentic Thai traditional massage. 

All of our therapists are qualified and come directly from Thailand and boast professional, effective services. Choose from the massage menu and enjoy services from just 25 euros.

Agir Hotel Avenida Mediterranean 11 venue is open to the public everyday of the week and hotel guests are always welcome.

Located on the 6th floor of the hotel, we offer excellent Thai massage, amazing sea views, jacuzzis, private solarium, sauna and pool terrace. Opens 7 days a week, 10.00am..20oopm.


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el cisne market benidorm

El Cisne market.

Address Avenida de la Comunidad Valenciana, Benidorm

This popular antiquey market is located on the N-332 near Camping Benisol, only 15 minutes outside Benidorm.

It is celebrated on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8am to 13:30 pm approx where in addition, you will be able to enjoy live jazz music by various groups that enliven your visit to the market. 

The market stalls provide everything from artwork to arts and crafts, second-hand clothing, books, jewellery, and more, you could spend an entire morning riffling through all the stalls in the hunt for a bargain.

Enjoy a real cross-section of people that visit, from smartly dressed local Spanish to casual shorts and t-shirt British and Dutch holidaymakers, you’ll see everyone mingling side by side.

blues brothers at el cisne market benidormMany of the stallholders have been there for years for some it´s a hobby for others a business. At El Cisne you will find quite a lot of antiques with many of the stalls run by ex-antique dealers from the United Kingdom.

Want to know more? Sure, you’ll get: barbecues, live jazz, improvised flamenco shows and even a place with more than 70 varieties of Belgian and Dutch cheeses Intermixed, resting, waiting for an owner.

Browse cupboards of the century, military effects of the German army, a gas mask of the Great War, English china, crochet, patchwork and cross-stitch, some vintage clothes or some beautiful headdresses happy and crazy ’20s.

The El Cisne weekend market has evolved around an old Spanish farmhouse which is no longer in use. What was once an old disused farmhouse along the road from Benidorm to Altea has now become a popular market visited by both visitors to the area and the Spanish themselves.

El Cisne Markets main area of the market is actually located inside what used to be the old stone farmhouse in Benidorm.

shopping el cisne market benidormEach of the many rooms has been converted into separate market stalls that sell antiques and collectables.

Everything from old European military paraphernalia, to paintings, pottery, jewellery, furniture and collectables.

The food at El Cisne – Wandering around El Cisne market, you’ll also come across several stalls selling huge selections of cheeses, sausages, meats, snacks and sandwiches.

Often its the smaller things that count when looking for things to do in Benidorm in the rain, so why not buy a sandwich and a coffee at one of the small stalls as you walk through the market. Relax and sit and watch the crowds walk by and be sure to taste a freshly grilled skewer of roasting chicken at another stall further inside, be careful it’s tasty – but boiling hot!

The best place to sit and enjoy food or a drink is at one of the restaurants in the centre of the market. You’ll find two large cafes with both indoor seating or outdoor seating in a courtyard setting.

bargins at cisne market rastro market in benidormDuring the winter the restaurants are enclosed with fires or space heaters so it’s not cold, even if it’s cold outside. During the summer the restaurants are open-air and lovely and warm.

Both places make excellent cafe con leche (coffee with milk in Spanish) serve spirits & large selections of Spanish wine.

If you’re going to be in Benidorm, Albir or Altea area, then don’t miss the El Cisne Weekend Market. Opening around 10 am every weekend day, and continues until about 3 pm.

You can catch a local bus from Benidorm or from the opposite direction at Albir or Altea and there are buses every 15 minutes that stop right outside the market.

The market is about 20 minutes by bus from Albir and Altea and about the same distance from Benidorm.fantastic day out. 

So come and go as you like and enjoy one of Benidorm’s most historic locations at El Cisne market. Avenida de la Comunidad Valenciana, Benidorm

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