Benidorm Live Weather

Looking for Benidorm live weather? 

Youll be glad to hear the popular holiday destination has an sun-drenched Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers and slightly mild winter seasons. 

Whatever time of year you holiday in Benidorm, dont miss all the latest acts & shows.

The resort of Benidorm boasts a microclimate of higher temperatures and clearer skies because of its surrounding mountains which protect benidorm from any surrounding bad weather.

The popularity of Benidorm continues to grow as a tourist destination thanks to 325 days of sunshine each year.

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Hottest Month in Benidorm

August is the hottest month in Benidorm, Alicante, Spain with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (78°F). 

Coldest Month in Benidorm

The coldest month is January with an average of 13 degrees Celsius (53°F) in the daytime and similar temperatures in the waters.

Summer Weather in Benidorm

From May up untill March, Benidorm sees average temperatures moving through the 20s to a peak of 30°C in August. Check Alicante flight information.

Night time temperatures are cooler but in July and August the typical low temperature can stay upwards around 20°C.

These levels of heat may be uncomfortable for some, but the tropical summer moisture levels are lower plus conditions are kept managable as a result of the frequent sea breezes.

What is the temperature of the sea In Benidorm In Summer season?

The sea is in Benidorm in the summer is great, around 17°C which quickly hurdles the 20°C mark. 

Theres a peak of 25°C that kicks off in August and stays nice & warm for the remainder of the season in Benidorm.

The sunniest month in Benidorm is July which see’s an average of 11 hours of sunshine every day.

There is minimal rainfall for the large of the season except for the odd shower every now and again. 

In October, rainfall increases which usually marks the wettest month of the year in Benidorm.

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Winter weather in Benidorm, Alicante.

Benidorm has an exceptionally sunny Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers.

However, December through to February is usually fairly mild to cool and often quite unpredictable.

In Benidorm, the average high temperature gets to around 15°C in January while the average low temperature is approximately 6°C the whole season round.

Even though day time temperatures feel warmth from the sun, blustery winds & nightime temperature  can often make it feel quite cold. Try not to expect stretching out on the beaches in your swimming costumes. On your way to Benidorm with your family? See our top things to do in Benidorm for families here.

Evening times can be very chilly and it can even get down to freezing….brrrr.

The sunshine levels remain the same and water temperatures drop to 14°C in the month of January in Benidorm.

Spring-time weather in Benidorm

Spring time in Benidorm is mild with much cooler nights than in the summer. The average temperature for March is around 17, climbing to 18/19 in April.

Days with clear skies and calm waters can see temperatures in the low 20’s from the beginning of the season. 

In March there is around 7 hours of sunshine which reaches around 8 hours in April. However, the sea waters will remain cooler.

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