Confused About Cabin Luggage Restrictions?

Cabin Luggage / Hand Luggage Restrictions. Spain – UK

The last thing you want is arrive at airport security only to end up being told that your not allowed to carry a number of the items in your hands luggage on to the aircraft. 

To help you avoid this inconvienient situation and assist you with the packing for your holiday to Benidorm, we’ve put together an easy reference hand & cabin restrictions for aircraft leaving the UK. Dont forget to check our Top 10 Tips for saving money on flights.

Hand luggage allowances

The type and weight of your hand luggage that you are allowed to take on-board an aircraft will change through airline to airline. 

You should contact your airline to learn how many bags you have in order to consider on-board and the availability of any weight or size constraints.

Liquids & Luggage

You will find strict rules on the level of liquids which you are allowed to have in your hand suitcases; therefore if possible you should carry liquids in your checked-in luggage.

Rules for carrying liquid in your cabin luggage:

  • Bottles or Containers must hold no more than 100 ml
  • Containers should be in single, transparent, resealable plastic bag, which holds only a litre and measures approximately 20cm by simply 20cm
  • Contents must suit easily inside the plastic material bag in order that it can be sealed.
  • The bag must not be knotted or tied.
  • You can only travel with one plastic bag per person
  • You must show your bag at the airport safety point
  • Containers larger as compared to 100ml except essential medicines will not be allowed through security even if they are only partially full. You can get liquid containers more than 100ml through security when they are for vital medical purposes or contain baby food or whole milk – see below.

Valuable Items

Important items such as camera’s or jewellery should always be carried in your hand luggage or on your person. 

Any valuable items transported in your checked-in suitcases may not be covered by your travel cover if they were lost, stolen or even damaged.

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Baby milk & food

Any time travelling with a infant you’re allowed to take enough food for babies, baby dairy and sterilised water for the journey. This may often be over 100ml.

Airport staff might want to open the pots to screen the fluids at security.


You may carry 1 lighter on-board an aircraft which should be put in the same reseable plastic bag as your own liquid containers. 

The lighter need to be kept with you through the entire flight. 

You are not allowed to travel with it in your checked-in luggage or return it to your hand luggage after scanning.

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Essential medication

You might be allowed to carry vital medicines, including inhalers in addition to liquid dietary foodstuffs associated with more than 100ml in your hand luggage. 

However, you will need:

  • Approval from the airline and departure airport before your take-off
  • Supporting documentation from a appropriate medical professional eg. The letter from your physician or copy of your own prescription.
  • The same rules apply for gel packs. Air-port staff might need to inspect the containers to investigate the liquids at security.

Essential medical equipment

You can take medical equipment with an you if it is essential for your journey. 

Medical equipment needs to be scanned separately and you must show documentation from a qualified health care professional, like a letter coming from your doctor or practitioner.

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ItemAllowed in hand luggage?Allowed in hold luggage?
Tablets and capsulesYesYes
Essential liquid medicinesYes (over 100ml if screened successfully)Yes
Hypodermic syringesYesYes
Cooling gel packsYes -if screened successfullyYes
Medical equipment eg CPAP and TENSYesYes
Oxygen cylindersYesYes


Pushchairs, walking aids and wheelchairs are often allowed in the aircraft cabin but they will need to be processed through customs first.

Regarding battery powered wheelchair or perhaps mobility aid you need to seek advice from your airline prior to travelling.

Other personal items

ItemAllowed in hand luggage?Allowed in hold luggage?
Knife with a sharp or pointed blade or blade longer than 6cmNoYes
Small scissors (with blades no longer than 6cm)YesYes
Large scissors / with blades longer than 6cmNoYes
Round-ended - blunt scissorsYesYes
Fixed-cartridge razor bladesYesYes
Nail clippers/nail fileYesYes
Knitting needlesYesYes
Sewing needlesYesYes
Walking stickYesYes
Matches / safteyYesNo
Matches / Non-safteyNoNo
Fireworks, flares, party poppersNoNo
Cigarette lighterNo - You can put a lighter in a plastic liquids bag and keep it on youNo
Contact lens solutionYes - upto 100mlYes

Electrical items

Make sure your electronic devices are recharged prior to deciding to travel. 

If your device doesn’t switch turn on when requested, you would not be allowed it onto the airplane. Scared of flying? read our top tips here.

ItemAllowed in hand luggage?Allowed in hold luggage?
Mobile phoneYesYes
MP3 playerYesYes
Hairdryer or straightenersYesYes
Travel ironYesYes
Electric shaverYesYes
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Chemicals and toxic substances

You can not take any of these items as hand suitcases or in the hold of the plane:

  • Oxidisers and organic peroxides, including bleach and car entire body repair packages
  • Acids in addition to alkalis
    Corrosives or perhaps bleaching agents
  • Vehicle battery packs and fuel systems
  • Personal defence or disabling defense tools 
    Radioactive materials
  • Poisons or toxic ingredients
  • Biological hazards
  • Materials which could spontaneously combust
    Fireplace extinguishers

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