Fear of Flying? Our Top Tips For A Stress Free Trip

BENIDORM HOLIDAY SEASON is well on its way and for most people who travel here, that means lazy days sipping sangria on sun-kissed beaches. However, many people say that their holiday experience can often be upsetting because they have an irrational fear of traveling. 

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In extreme instances, some passengers are too afraid to even travel to the airport.

To overcome this terror, it is important that nervous passengers to understand why their fear of flying exists and exactly what induced it. It may end up being an irrational fear or it can be due to the negative experience which they had on a previous airline flight. 

Encountering turbulence, which is a naturally occurring situation, could often cause fear among passengers. Need to check Benidorm weather?

Once they have discovered the reason for their fear, its important that they inform themselves about flying to help them overcome it.

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Understanding what happens on a plane

The most relevant undeniable fact that nervous people travelling on holiday should know that flying is by far the safest mode of transport. 

Compared to driving, there are a minuscule number of accidents in addition to safety is the industry’s paramount issue.

It is usually also beneficial for a fearful flyer to know what actually happens when the aircraft is in operation, as this will make clear the myriad of noises and noises one hears within a flight.

To further debunk the irrational worries some individuals have flying, it is highly recommended that nervous passengers visit an airport on the day when they are not flying to get accustomed to the environment. You should also familiarize yourself with the duty free limits to prevent any further anxiety.

Visiting a large airport prior to travel would allow them to experience the sights plus sounds without feeling the stress or anticipation of actually flying. It would also allow them observe planes taking off and landing on the runways.

If you are nervous about flying, it is also important to realise you are not alone – many other passengers experience the same feelings before and during flights.

Ask for help

To cater for this specific demographic, commercial airlines have developed an expertise inside soothing frazzled nerves. Consequently, it is highly recommended that you tell the log cabin crew about your worries when you board the plane.

An airplane’s crew members are used to making nervous customers feel more comfortable during their trip. They tell passengers about the flight’s progress, typically the route the plane is usually taking and what the weather conditions are like, all of which may provide reassurance for the nervous traveller. 

If you have something that makes you stressed during the flight – an unexplained noise or a new shift in the plane’s way as an example – the cabin crew will make it clear what is taking place and reassure you. Need to know the hand luggage restrictions?

While some people would rather make use of medication or alcohol to conquer their anxiety about soaring through the skies, it is far better for passengers to obtain a good night’s sleep before travelling and eat well before they board the flight.

Its also a good idea for nervous flyers to arrive at the airport early. After all, if a passenger is nervous, rushing through the check in process and after that racing through security and on to the gate is merely likely to add to their anxiety.

Avoid short-term ‘fixes’ like alcohol consumption

If you have got to this point, great, as the next sections are much less complicated. 

Once you are en route, make sure you drink a good amount of water and steer clear of alcohol – it may temporarily numb your fear, but you will dehydrate far quicker at 45, 000 feet. Instead, shift around the plane as soon as the seatbelt sign goes off.

This helps to be able to normalise the situation, and if you engage in conversation with the staff or other holidaymakers, it’ll provide a welcome distraction.

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Make sure as well to be able to control your breathing, taking deep breaths. 

This will likely help to make you feel much more peaceful and is even a more effective way to cope with your fears than feverishly grasping the arm of the chair, which will only serve to add to your stress level.

A combination of these methods will help many passengers to overcome their concerns. 

However, there will be also a selection of travellers with an extreme, reasonless fear, who won’t also go near an air-port. 

They would benefit from taking part in a course suitable for anxious flyers or to observe a therapist who specialises in flying phobias. 

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It doesnt matter how scared you are, always remember that you are not alone.

Do’s & Donts For Nervous Flyers


  • Keep your fears to yourself
  • Stay up all evening worrying about the flight
  • Reach the airport late or with only minutes to spare
  • Drink alcohol prior to or within a flight
    Grip your arm sleep
  • Be in your seats for the duration regarding the flight
  • Let your anxiety about flying ruin your holiday


  • Remember that flying is the safest type of transportation
  • Visit a big airport when you are not flying
  • Make your concerns know to cabin crew
    Turn up early at the air-port to avoid anxiety
  • Drink loads of drinking water and eat well
  • Take deep breaths to be able to relax
  • Consider taking a course to conquer your fears
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